Liron, a graduate of a B.Design degree, with a major in Visual Communication at H.I.T Israel, combined her studies with extensive work in photography.

Since she couldn't put the photography aside, her graduation project intertwined women portraiture with graphic design in order to bring the social issue of gender discrimination to the front line - and the project "Worthy" was born.

During her studies, Liron decided to professionalize in portraits and fashion photography, which led her to take a position as an assistant for a portraits photographer and also join the Fashion Pro Class Diploma at 'Ron Kedmi Workshops'.

Upon graduation of the B.Design and the workshop in 2013, Liron joined the Israeli fashion brand Co.Co. | Collective Collection as the chief photographer and continued developing as a freelance photographer.

During that year she won the curator's choice in "Local Testimony 2013' exhibition" in the ״Eretz Israel Museum" in Tel Aviv with the photo "Lidya, 92, woman".

She relocated to London in 2014 and continued her way as a freelance photographer until winter of 2017. Currently working on the line between London-Tel Aviv. Photographing fashion productions and portraits, working with several magazines, brands, artists and projects. Lately she’s been working on a new photography project that aims to show the beauty and power of curls through realistic clean portraits of girls and women - “The Curly Project”.





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