"Go bend over, the client is waiting for you." Was told by A restaurant manager to Michal, 26, a bartender.

״I do not employ mothers, but I'll do you a favor״ Was told by an employer in a job interview to Hagar, 34, an engineer

"Look at her, she actually worth a fuck" Was told by A vice president of the Company to Anat, 62, an art director.

"Have you studied electrical engineering? Isn't it difficult for a woman?" Was told by an employer in a job interview to Rachel, 29, an engineer.

"You need to make a choice, you are either a student or a mother." Was told by a university faculty member to Noa, 32, a social work student.

"Please go and call one of the men to replace you" Was told by a client to Sharona, 25, a network manager

״I hope you wear a thong underneath" Was told by a restaurant manager to Maria, 24, a worker and a student.

"I have to fire you, you have a uterus." Was told by an agricultural plantation owner to Reut, 32, a worker.


 Worthy - For Equal Rights

 ראויות - למען שוויון הזדמנויות 


"Worthy" (Reuyot) is an organisation which stands for equal opportunities rights for women in the Israeli labor market. The organisation has launched a campaign in the purpose of raising awareness to gender discrimination against women, comparing between the amended law and the absurd reality experienced by women in their daily lives. 


All the women in the campaign have experienced gender discrimination, solely because they are women. They have bravely made a choice to be exposed, share and present the problem of the whole society, men and women alike, in Israel 2013. 


Footnote - "Worthy" was a final project in B.design, it isn't a real organisation.

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